Solution of Problem-A- Back to high school physics

int main()
long long int v,t;


Solution of Problem-D- Boxa of Bricks

int main()
int m=0,i,n,a[100];
{ (more…)

Solution of Problem-C- Jolly Jumpers

int main()
int n,a[3000]; (more…)

Solution of problem-B- Pizza Cutting

int main()
long long int n,a=0;

Bangladesh Facebook Statistics

General info

Total Facebook Users: 1 555 720 Penetration of population: 0.98%
Position in the list: 60. Penetration of online pop.: 252.02%
Average CPC: $0.33 Average CPM: $0.14

Users & Demography for the Bangladesh


IT Quiz.

Here are some question about IT. Keep on eyes………

1/2010 – Who famously said “640K ought to be enough for anybody.”

1. Bill Gates
2. Steve Jobs
3. Steve Wozniak
4. None of the above

2/2010 – A DNS translates a domain name into what?

1. Binary
2. Hex
3. IP
4. URL

3/2010 – What port is SMTP commonly on? (more…)

Skills most requested by employers of graduates

System Administration is likely to require: Linux, Windows, Apache, IIS, BIND, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Cisco.

For Application Development, you’ll need: C++, C#, Java with Visual Basic

Web Development will most likely requires: Apache, PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET, IIS, MSSQL, HTML, XML

What are the most in-demand programming skills for 2011 and beyond, & why?

Being good at code is always in demand, and it is far more important to be effective at reading code. To practice, you can take a library that does something you understand (say convert a csv into a data-structure) then strip out the comments and trace it. Extra points goes to the one that can do this under some kind of source obfuscation. I’ve met too many programmers who can’t read code at a serious level, and I’ve met programmers that rely on superfluous comment; however, there is nothing except hope and trust that ensure the comment and the code are in parity.

How to make Word 2007 always save in 2003 format?

Not everyone has updated to the 2007 edition of Microsoft Office. So a problem arises as we send them a Word 2007 document without converting it into 2003 format. However, it is possible to make Word 2007 always save in 2003 format. By changing a few settings, we can make Word 2007 always save in 2003 format automatically. This can save our time as we won’t have to convert a document each time we have to send one. Follow these steps to make Word 2007 always save in 2003 format:
1. Open Word 2007. (more…)

3rd Citi Financial IT Case Competition (CFICC)-2011

The “Citi Financial IT Case Competition (CFICC)” is top award for students in the field of business & ICT in Bangladesh. The main objective of this competition is to promote a culture of business and technology development amongst the future leaders of the country based on the local needs as well as global business demands. This year the competition is being organized for the 3rd time in Bangladesh.  Visit for more information

Future of Java Technology

When Java was developed initially as OAK even its developers were not sure in which direction the technology will grow. And actually Java has taken an unexpected turn around as a development technology. It started its journey with embedded applications but people found it somewhat slow when (more…)

What programming language should I learn?

You will become a good programmer only by – programming a lot. Many students don’t program outside their labs and college projects, and they never become good programmers. Try to do some coding in your free time. Try to solve Project Euler problems in your favorite programming language, or try to build a website of your own. (more…)