Future of Java Technology

When Java was developed initially as OAK even its developers were not sure in which direction the technology will grow. And actually Java has taken an unexpected turn around as a development technology. It started its journey with embedded applications but people found it somewhat slow when compare to C++. Java made foray into web in the form of applets and ruled the world for sometime. But then came enterprise era with crusade of .NET and J2EE. In this article let us examine possible directions where there are chances Java will grow as development technology.

Go Mobile

Mobile phone applications are very wide scope area where Java is being used for its portability and independence. Most of mobile phones operate over Java implementations. Sun has its own implementations names as J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition), but most mobile phone vendors have developed their own version of J2ME.

Apart from mobile phones Java applications are also significant for other small devices like palmtops, digital diaries etc. Because of its portability and independence from underlying hardware Java is being widely used to develop applications those can be accessed through small devices.

After examining scope, usage and potential of different areas of Java technology we can summarize that it has still long way to go. Java has got a lot of potential to develop and grow in many areas. For existing areas like desktop applications and enterprise applications there are chances for Java to gain better role. Also it has got to grow in new areas of embedded applications in future.

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