Academic Ranking of World Universities in Computer Science – 2010

Here  are the top 100 world university in computer science

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Ananda to sell low-cost laptop

A major local IT firm is planning to introduce a Tk 10,000 laptop brand in the local market by next month, targeting the country’s largely untapped lower income group, sources said Friday.

Ananda Computers, which is the pioneer of Bengali language interface software ‘Bijoy’ and Bangla keyboard, is looking to unveil its own brand of laptop computer in the market by the end of June, company officials informed.

The low-cost laptop, targeted at mostly the students as well as lower income group, will hit the market within three or four weeks and will retain the same brand name of all previous Bijoy products, they said. (more…)

‘QUBEE Summer Laptop fair 2011’ starts June 10

‘QUBEE Summer Laptop Fair 2011’ is starting on June 10 in the capital with lucrative offer of price discounts on all brands, organizers announced.
The three-day long fair will take place at Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC). Event management organization ‘Maker Communication’ is organizing the laptop fair for the 9th time in Bangladesh, they said in a press conference on Tuesday
Qubee’s Head of Brand & Communications Syed Ashiqur Rahman, Bangladesh Country Manager of Acer India Pvt limited Shekhar Karmakar, Chairman of Global Brand Pvt Limited Abdul Fattah, Country Business Manager of HP Personal Systems Group Imrul Hossain Bhuiya, Manager of Market Communication-IT Samsung Mahmud Bin Kaiyum & Coordinator for Qubee Summer Laptop Fair 2011 Fabian Khan were present at the press conference. QUBEE is the title sponsor of this year’s laptop fair.
Syed Ashiqur Rahman of Qubee said; “QUBEE is committed to support ICT industry as Internet and IT are complimentary to each other. As the leading bandwidth consumer in the country, QUBEE has been sponsoring the ICT and Laptop Fairs.” There will be a “Special Offer” for all the QUBEE and ASUS buyers in the Fair, he announced.
Fair coordinator Fabian Khan informs that, the demand for mobile devices is increasing day by day in every aspect of life including educational and professional workplaces.

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Confirmed General team list of NCPC 2011

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Bangladesh Facebook Statistics

General info

Total Facebook Users: 1 555 720 Penetration of population: 0.98%
Position in the list: 60. Penetration of online pop.: 252.02%
Average CPC: $0.33 Average CPM: $0.14

Users & Demography for the Bangladesh


IT Quiz.

Here are some question about IT. Keep on eyes………

1/2010 – Who famously said “640K ought to be enough for anybody.”

1. Bill Gates
2. Steve Jobs
3. Steve Wozniak
4. None of the above

2/2010 – A DNS translates a domain name into what?

1. Binary
2. Hex
3. IP
4. URL

3/2010 – What port is SMTP commonly on? (more…)

3rd Citi Financial IT Case Competition (CFICC)-2011

The “Citi Financial IT Case Competition (CFICC)” is top award for students in the field of business & ICT in Bangladesh. The main objective of this competition is to promote a culture of business and technology development amongst the future leaders of the country based on the local needs as well as global business demands. This year the competition is being organized for the 3rd time in Bangladesh.  Visit for more information

Future of Java Technology

When Java was developed initially as OAK even its developers were not sure in which direction the technology will grow. And actually Java has taken an unexpected turn around as a development technology. It started its journey with embedded applications but people found it somewhat slow when (more…)

Versions of Java language

These are the most commonly used java versions :

  • JRE: Java runtime environment, what’s needed to run Java programs
  • JDK: Java development kit, a JRE plus compiler and some additional tools
  • Jave SE: Standard Edition, the API library that comes with every JRE and JDK for desktop use
  • Jave EE: Enterprise Edition, additional APIs that extend the J2SE for business use, meaning mainly server applications – this includes JSPs
  • Jave ME: Mobile Edition, a set of APIs (mainly a subset of J2SE) for mobile devices like phones (more…)

Steve Jobs Biography

Computer designer and corporate executive Steve Jobs is cofounder of Apple Computers. With his vision of affordable personal computers, he launched one of the largest industries of the past decades while still in his early twenties. He remains one of the most inventive and energetic minds in American technology.
Read more about Steve Jobs

History of web

The World Wide Web (“WWW” or simply the “Web“) is a global information medium which users can read and write via computers connected to the Internet. The term is often mistakenly used as a synonym for the Internet itself, but the Web is a service that operates over the Internet, as e-mail does. The history of the Internet dates back significantly further than that of the World Wide Web.To know more about this ,    Please see the below link

Google Bangladesh site hacked

Hackers have broken into the Bangladesh site of leading search engine Google, internet service experts said Saturday evening. The site is inaccessible from some ISPs, as their DNS settings have been hacked. (more…)